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Saturday, June 24, 2006

busy week with dryrun of law camp in school. foreseeing an even more hectic next week with law camp itself proper. nonetheless, always time for fooling.

bonnie and clyde. haha apparently chun loved our impersonation and thought it really looked the part. and since chun's the IC, who am i to protest. haha.

check out the first pic. i thought that blurry figure between jared and audrey looked damn freaky.

later on at mel's...

not everyone's in the pic i know. but not all of 2903 turned up anyway. of course, the most important part was that FINALLY me bren pq n teresa could sit n talk. finally. from the days when we could hang out everyday in the canteen during those maths lessons we didnt have to attend, to now where its so hard to meet up (courtesy to teresa esp, bren not included, i see bren like all the time). boy i miss those times.

10:58 PM

Sunday, June 18, 2006

warning: only read this following post if you really love me a whole lot, or if you are bored to bits.

i hate pmsing. i do. granted that i dont usually get cramps, but if i do, they kinda cringe me up into a nasty furball (which really is what is happening now actually). and there's this amazing connection in my body which sort of connects the pms system to my head, which is causing my throbbing headache now as i type.

and so i seek solace in my favourite macadamia chocolates and meiji milk. which happen to make me feel even more bloated than ever (if you dont know that periods make you bloat you suck). and i hate standing n sitting repeatedly if im pmsing, which means it was kinda bad during service just now where we stood n sat n stood n sat repeatedly. and after that lunch at imperial treasure, queuing sucks. plus, i have two blister wounds from wearing heels which are killers everytime water touches them. and i hate the fact that i seem to be not typing coherently.

the thought of tuition and having to travel back to school next week makes my cramps feel worse in a supernaturalistic manner. the state of my messy room and table and floor is pissing me off. the only thing im possibly glad about is my maid returning to singapore tonight so we can all eat proper food once again instead of takeouts.

oh wells. happy fathers' day anyhow. dad dont blame me if i bet on soccer cos i totally need to mend the hole your gift burned in my pocket. gahhhh.
by the way, did i mention i hate pmsing?

4:56 PM

Friday, June 16, 2006

due to the constant torture of watching england screw its game up and seeing stick insect (crouch) prance around until he finally did some good with his heading, im too drained to even write coherently.

if a picture speaks a thousand words, well here's four thousand to go.


2:23 AM

Monday, June 05, 2006

deeg stealing my shades/ the girls/ more girls/ poor ns man
so sorry i didnt quite get the whole gang in cos... i was too lazy to take pics.
but anyhows the most memorable thing was... the shit drinks. deeg, pls dont ever be a bartender. oh wells. anyway bye desmond, and bye to your hair. no more bad hair days for you. haha

2:19 AM

Friday, June 02, 2006

caught grease last night, which was good. how would life be if it was all like that. songs and dances. pretty dresses and summers. and to think i could bump into weishan at the indoor stadium. the songs keep playing in my head. great evening, thank you (:

mambo after that wasnt all that good though. granted it was the first time i actually ate food from zouk. not very nice, if i can remember clearly. that being said, i think this is it for the time being for clubbing. getting tired of it. looking forward to a more.... orderly life. haha

and thanks mom too for the birthday gift. love!

aights tentatively for the june babies n desmond farewell celebrations (sounds like we're glad to see him go. haha) we have two connecting suites at our disposal. other plans to be confirmed la.

12:56 AM

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