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Sunday, March 13, 2005

hey guys (:
i'm still too lazy to really blog so this shall be a quick one.

chih: haha erms.. not much juicy gossip la k.. haha don't listen to peiqin!
mar: hey darling.. nice to see u at NUS open house.. feels like ages since i last met u.. haha and yeah i'll sms u regarding the perfumes. haha
pq: haha hrmm.. the VCDs! but it's okays.. u can take care of them temporarily

am currently in a dilemma about the future paths to take.
PLUS, i feel like changing jobs already. even if it means like half the pay. job offers anyone?

10:47 PM

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

great. my voice is really changed after all the sore throats i've been thru. OH NO. *croaks
the sacrifices for this job - weird voice, weird skin tone (aka super dark), weird look (aka always looking shagged n very very not glam n nice) DAMN. and dearest daiyan has left ): it might just be time for me to quit or become a saturday girl soon. too bad the money's good.

anyways in a flash it has been a month for us already. i wonder how long we'll last. but meanwhile it has been nothing but sweet (:

but nothing else is bothering me more than this now. the results. it.has.come. after living in denial for the past few months, hiding all thoughts of getting results at the back of my head, it has finally come to the time to face the music. deep down inside i know, that if it's screwed up, it's all my own damn fault. i shld have known better, those times of slacking are back to haunt now. i cannot imagine what's gonna happen. i cant bear the thought of mugging the same stuff another year, but i probably wun go overseas yet. and i definitely dont have the guts to bump my head against the wall n die. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. i shld have known better, i really shld have.

1:47 AM

reaching the big two
loves God, loves home, loves life
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