Beautifully Broken

Monday, December 27, 2004


with a new hairdo! okays fine so the haircut was done in spore, just today, and now that i've washed my hair the top looks suspiciously like a.... bird's nest (not the bottled kind) its rather funky i guess, but peiqin's one even better. check it out soon guys, at the class gathering maybe. haha.

py: hey sorry i didnt turn up at the bbq though i said i would! cos went for some job interview thing then in the end went to cut hair. hope to meet up with you sue n vann soon though (:

thailand was fine. i wonder why after all the shopping till dropping, playing till (shit what rhymes), im still so FAT. actually i know why. IT MUST BE TOM YAM. yeah.

mar: sorry i couldnt get your dress! there were alot of such cultural wraparounds etc etc, but none was really nice enough. until i saw this really nice set top n bottom, with exquisite embroidery, BUT it was abt 150bucks. not expensive actually for the nice workmanship, but it was too ex for me to decide for you. think its for formal occasions anyways. it looked abit.. weddingish. haha. sorry dear!

joel: sorry no von dutch paris hilton lookalike cap! cos i didnt go to that siam square. couldnt extend my stay there cos no seats on the flight back! but actually i think it was really near to my hotel. but as u know, by the time i got back to my hotel evryday, the shops are closed.

pattaya was... thought provoking. every caucasian man i saw there was with some thai woman (not pretty ones). well, no wonder that industry flourishes. it didnt really hit me till i saw this very grandfatherly-like caucasian man (the kind looking type) with this thai woman. was at this night market place with shops n stores. so the souveneir shop i was at was beside this lingerie shop. and there were cheap lace-y transparent red thongs being sold. and to my utmost disgust, the old grandfather man pointed (they obviously cant communicate due to language barriers) to them, indicating that the thai woman wear them. then the thai woman looked at them with an expression which i couldnt read into, and walked away. and the old grandfather man was like subtlely pestering her to go back n buy them. damn i'll nv look at old kind grandfatherly men the same way again.

coral island was alright. the usual water activities. and they had this walking underwater thing to feel n see the corals. and the glass boat to view the corals too. dreamworld was fun. going on the rides repeatedly without having to pay felt good. haha. shopping was mainly done in bangkok. pattaya was... yeah u know. and oh, the tiffany's show. apparently the most prestigious n famous transvestite caberet show in thailand. they were like freaking well endowed n pretty. most of them at least. and while some lusty men were clamouring to take photos with them afterwards, some china tourists basically stripped the man/woman to his/her boobs and "squeezed" them for the photo. yeah i saw his/her boobs. hrm looks rather real. haha. they dance damn well though. i should be a guy.

me n my sis shared a room. and basically we're clean freak nut cases. we placed a towel that we brought from home on the pillows cos we couldnt slp at ease on the pillows. haha but actually the hotels were pretty clean n nice. we're just... mad.

wanted to extend our stay. but no seats available on the flight the next day. probably cos evryone wants to get back by monday for work. actually its a blessing in disguise. THE EARTHQUAKE. okays fine phuket was most affected. but bangkok was too right. and on the morning of the earthquake (back in spore already) i woke up with a dizzy spell, couldnt even stand to wash up n eat lunch. wanted to puke n couldnt see clearly. might be jet lag huh. but who on earth gets a jet lag in their own country n lets face it, thailand time is only one hour different. SO my mom came up with her most important discovery of her life - that her beloved daughter, is, PSYCHIC. tada!! i knew it. okays kidding aside. actually this earthquake is really a calamity, the number of deaths is rather phenomenal compared to the other recent earthquakes. and its so near us. better be grateful that we were only affected by minor tremors.

hrm. was sick of blogging. but ended up with quite a long entry afterall. oh wells, meanwhile i have to worry about how the heck im gonna deal with my new hair tmr. to all my beloved dears, i missed you guys too! and by the way, pq thanks for your bean king n cookies! LOVE THEM (:

11:09 PM

Monday, December 20, 2004

to cut things short:
- splurged on footwear, again. wasnt my fault really. i mean, the heels were FIFTY percent off.
- am leaving for thailand
- merry christmas evryone (:

10:36 PM

when not to get a french manicure:
- when you're so clumsy that once you step out of the shop you destroy your nails
- when you're going to thailand soon and no one there will actually appreciate your nails except possibly the transvesites
- when you're resuming your piano lessons soon, aka no long nails allowed
- when your nails arent really long enough for the manicure to be really pretty
- when you're me

now im trying to fathom why i went for a manicure, possibly cos mom paid for it.

anyways, without checking horoscopes of any kind, i suspect my december has a low score for money matters. expenditure exceeds income, as usual. and cases of mis-spending abound, from small sums like 7bucks on stamps when mom has hundreds in her office, to 40bucks on chomel chain which i did not use for prom, to... ugh etc etc.

resigned to the uninhibited pigging out tendencies.
and dessert was tang yuans. lots n lots n lots of tang yuans. LOVE tang yuans.
4 tang yuans = 1 bowl of rice
life totally rocks.

1:58 AM

Sunday, December 19, 2004

prom photos finally up, in the "grad" album, at imagestation
the corny imagestation icon.
search for "kingman-" if the link doesnt work. but it should.
other pics in other albums.

1:42 AM

Saturday, December 18, 2004

caught "what a girl wants"
seems like ages since i watched it the last time
am envious of:
- the girl's dad who's a lord in britain
- the girl's mum who's so beautiful and is the lead of an american band
- the girl's british boyfriend who's so cute and is the lead of a british band
- the girl's dad's mansion
- the girl's body (damn)
the whole america britain thing sounds nice.
am sick of real life.

at least there's hbo.

11:09 PM

Thursday, December 16, 2004

i feel like my whole body mass is made up of FATS.
something's wrong, ok, very wrong.

my average itenary if i dont go out
2pm: rise n shine
2.30pm: lunch
3.30pm: tv n popcorn
4:30pm: tv n chips
5:30pm: tv n cookies
7pm: dinner
8pm: tv n fruits
9pm: tv n ice cream
10pm: dad comes home with supper
11pm++: whatever food there is.

i am so dead.

and if i go out, its probably worse cos its wasting money on food. as im typing here, sitting on my armchair, i can feel the claypot rice i just ate for supper. im gonna hit 100kg soon if i dont stop. and its not even as if im hungry. in fact, im too full whole day long. i eat before i can recover from lunch, and soon, its dinner, then before i recover from dinner, its supper, then i sleep soon, then suddenly lunch again. save me.

meantime, its cookies n cream ice cream time.

10:45 PM

Monday, December 13, 2004

after reading joel's entry regarding hainan island i cant help but blog again.

although i dont particularly have a liking for stinky animal poo and stingy insects,
i wish i could leave and go to a sparsely populated place, where no one knows me, start afresh, live a carefree and simple life in peace.

i know im some hermit.

i want to stroll and take my time.
i want to soak up the sun.
i want to marvel at the stars.
i want to feel the wind.
i want to play on the flowerbeds.
i want to grow my own apple trees.
i want to listen to country music and hum along.
i want to sit on a swing reading a book all day long.
i want to live in a nice cottage and bake pies for my friendly neighbours.
i want to play with little toddlers.
i want to listen to a waterfall.
i want to play with sparklers when night time comes and the sky is dark.
i want to set fireworks.

and not just sitting at a laptop wishing for all these. sighs.

11:54 PM

thats it. pq n i quit the sucky job.
and kaihung just msned me "hi toilet seat cover girl"

am feeling slightly lost
mom just assigned ME to teach sis sec three maths

if u know me well enough, you'll know why this spells BIG trouble.
now i freaking hafto go read up on sec sch maths
this holiday is getting too stressful

went causeway point today. havent been there for ages. not that anything has changed.
no nice movies recently. boredom irks me.

11:37 PM

some jobs just downright suck.
and two pimples popped cos of all the walking n perspiration today.
does this suck or what.

oh wells, no getting worked up when christmas is ard the corner (:
boy i love festive seasons.

1:16 AM

Friday, December 10, 2004

was quite surprised at your name blinking on my phone.
but there isnt much to talk about between us is there.
it was so awkward that i even told you i had nothing much to say to you.
i wonder how it got to this.
but i guess it was inevitable.

ikea was slightly under expectations, was expecting to find nice new stuff there, but looks like their stock is pretty much the same. got a purple vase for (tada!!) 50cents! isnt that like sooooo cheap. mom was amused when i was trying to place the vase somewhere just to display it prominently.

freako event of the day - this ikea male staff freak, after packing what i bought into a plastic bag, blardy dangled n swung the plastic bag in front of me n smiled coyly. he was, according to fenisha, eyeing me pervertedly. both of us "YUCKS!!!!" n made our escape.

moral of the story: you're never safe. not even in a huge established shop for furniture. not even with a bad hair day. not even when you thought you totally look like crap waking up late n groggy.

as usual, meatballs were nice (:
and... the chicken wings conversation -

me: lets take the SIX piece chicken wings!!!!
fenisha: NO!! thats alot! take the two piece!
me: i'll.... i'll.... eat them for u if u cant finish!
me: .....o...k.....

and of cos, after the meatballs, boy was i glad that we only ordered two wings. haha.. and mind you, we already had lunch beforehand. im really living a life of indulgence. damn.

*meanwhile, i need mufflers, or a loudhailer, or the microphones at home to cease being spoilt.
i want to yell at my karaoke neighbours. they choose the weirdest times to sing their blardy karaoke n they blardy cant sing n they are currently squealing 'one night in beijing' (which if you know the song you shld know it requires some high pitched notes)

can you even imagine my agony. and someone just yelled SHUT UP. but apparently they are too engrossed in their mock beijing journey to even hear.

i want a haircut. a new look. but i cant even do anything too outrageous, in case i cant get a job.

need to get christmas mailing list up soon (:

in case of any doubt, yes i welcome christmas presents everyone. dont even hesitate. (:

11:36 PM

swedish meatballs
plush cushions
with vannnnnn
you're disturbing my bliss.
you thought we had something going on.
maybe we HAD something going on, but it was eons ago.
you thought we had a chance.
you thought this and you thought that.
well my dear,
you thought wrong.

1:35 AM

Thursday, December 09, 2004

yikes! just checked out the company that we're supposed to go for the interview online. sounds.... dubious. need to talk to vaness now. yikes yikes yikes.

11:37 PM

tummyache ):

retribution i know it.
cup noodles with pq at 3am.
crystal jade with VANESS (haha) for brunch.
chocolate freaking fattening digestive cookies from marks n spencer with VANESS n flor.
i knew it. i wanna puke my dinner out right now.

anyhows bought sneakers today. accordingly, i'll get a ten bucks voucher if i spend fifty bucks in a single receipt. sneakers were 49.90. put on my politest voice to the salesgirl "can i just PAY you ten cents n get the voucher??"

conclusion: i need to train my persuading skills.

searched the whole shop for stuff to buy to fill up the ten cents. in the end dear VANESS knocked some sense into me abt how i'll be spending even more money if i buy something extra just for the voucher. alrighty. i listen to advice.

anyways am going for some corny interview with VANESS tmr. cant go for 4faith sentosa outing n make corny sandwiches as a result. i really wonder abt the interview, but apparently both of us arent really ardent abt getting the job. so, what the heck just check it out.

i need a day at home just channel surfing n reading books. i need rest.
i need daniel wu. sniff. pq i miss him already. maybe i'll go play my vcd again. sniff.

11:29 PM

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

checked in hotel. make up. hair styling. first disastrous curly wurly hairdo (which got me tere n mar cracking up in the bathroom), wash off gatsby super hard spray (thats the name of it really!) n second better hairdo (which the stylist threatened to kill me if i dare wash it off again). make up was fine. apparently some think my eyes look BEEEEGER. and horror of horrors, they thought i looked like lucy liu. is she even gd looking?!?!?!?! anyways evryone looked done up n pweeeety (:

as expected, grad was a tad boring. till me and nancy were sitting on the couch outside yakking away, ignoring the dumb games and the dumb host.

(a response to a breakdance performance, in a mock enthusiastic voice)
"don't try this at home..................................... try it at your neighbour's home"

anyhows, the day was saved when our dearest pweeeety woman peishan clinched prom queen. seriously without this grad could have been a total flop altogether. me n pq were acting totally unglam by throwing roses when queen peishan paraded thru the hall, the worst bit was when we(holds breath) had to go n pick the roses up. oops.

sucky games and damn sucky food aside, taking photos was fun! though someone shld really invent painless heels. our beloved brunei prince kokvui bought me ps n mel roses and we coaxed/forced/persuaded gee to buy us some too. but after their shortlived glory, they're currently flattened n dead on my table now. sniff. a couple of almost-throw-face events took place during photo-taking, but im certainly not risking my reputation/life/face to list them here.

cabbed back to hotel, where we slipped into clubbing clothes, but ended up unable to find any available clubs, it was drizzling, and marinah had this real HUGE problem that was bugging her all the way. she couldnt stop twitching cos of that. haha..

settled at chijmes, where we chilled n talked/gossiped till late. electric lemonade n my lychee martini. got to 7-11 n stocked up on junk food n back to the hotel at abt 5am. watched spongebob n munched ruffles till 6plus n me n tere had to slp on the carpeted grd where there was unfortunately a baby cockroach earlier on. (using the word 'baby' almost makes it sound cute)

after two pathetic hours of so-called sleep, checked out, watched The Incredibles. I LOVE DASH. (:

then stoned around, met 2truthians, had dinner at nydc, breathed in endless whiffs of cigarette smoke, nearly died of suffocation, n decided we were all too tired n... home sweet home. sarah n pat thinks my voice have changed, esp sarah, who's apparently very convinced n somehow shocked. the thing is, pat thinks my voice has gone deeper (sexyyyy!) and sarah thinks my voice has gone higher (tweety bird?) im convinced that i can eat anything now that grad's over. mudpies, pasta, chocolates, chips, lifestyle of indulgence, here i come.

by the way, cant stand loserly guys. probably unsafe to say anything here but its just annoying. i love my girlfriends. lesbians are so smart. save antagonism. should look out for eligible girls from now.

2:10 AM

Sunday, December 05, 2004

yay my application for relief teaching FINALLY got approved. phew. but still need to find out if any school wanna like hire me. ahem.

am going to thailand for tiger cubs zoo, cheap shopping, water sports beach para-sailing etc, and more cheap shopping.

anyhows. tmr's grad and boy is it gonna be one heck of a hectic day . cant say im really looking forward to it.. but it's grad at least.. at long last. (puts the thought of screwed up exams away)

am feeling cheated. splurged on accessories for grad only to decide on some of mom's afterwards. but as me n teresa have been wisely saying, shopping for stuff is an INVESTMENT. i mean, we're gonna use them sooner or later RIGHT? (and if you don't agree, read the bimbotic shopaholic series)

anyways am going gaga over daniel wu (who so deservedly won best supporting male) with xtina n joan.. his world class martial arts skills, his to-die-for bod, his charming looks. but anyways, not to worry. he's already MINE. thank you very much.

9:40 PM

woops. just testing another entry before i really go n plonk on the bed. not to mention the ugly tagboard. which i hope i can get around to changing soon. cant be bothered with it anymore now. i know im gonna be so dead tomorrow morning. i just know it. gotta wake early for church. then bring the gown to alter. groans. i need to sleep really soon.

4:23 AM

okays everyone. i finally (yes finally) got a blog. it was quite some trouble i must say, being the complete computer idiot i am. but oh wells, i suppose thats a girl's right.. RIGHT? anyways really must thank xtina, who tolerated my incessant questioning "huh what about this, what about that???" muacks i love u girl. haha okay actually this entry is just for testing purposes n its blardy past 4am now. so i wanna just get this over n done with. see u guys soon. love.

4:09 AM

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