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Thursday, July 21, 2005

i'm in Block E in KR. i think mel is too, right? haha. but i'll be missing most of the camp anyways, cos of piano exam, and cos i seriously feel that 2 weeks is too damn long for a camp. well, if i hear that the camp's good then i'll go on either fri or sat, if it isnt, then too bad, i'll go on monday, when school starts. damn i cant believe school's starting, finally.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

yesterday was my driving test.

it started raining, no, POURING, the minute i was walking to the test car.
the first thing he tested was the damn ramp.
and for the first time throughout all my ramp practices, one wheel went up first and the whole car rocked like a rollercoaster. it wobbled like crazy. and i could hardly see clearly out of the windows cos of the torrential rain. i've never driven in rain before.

after all these nerve-wrecking shit, and watching the examiner look through my checklist, im sorry to say that.....

you guys can endanger your lives by sitting in my car! yay i passed! wahaha. muacks.

11:22 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

whats left of a couple when the passion's gone?

for all this time, when i see an old couple together holding hands or walking together blissfully, i thought maybe true love does exist after all. love that lasts after the initial passion fades, love that endures the tests of time, love that surpasses the cruelties of this world.

BUT. (there is always a 'but' boys n girls.) who really knows what went on in that supposedly loving couple's lives?

maybe they each had affairs to satisfy their selfish selfs earlier on in the relationship, and each didnt know or didnt mind about the other's affairs. and as they always like to say, ignorance (or feign ignorance) is bliss. and so now we see them, hand in hand, smiling as they walk in the park, hiding a frivolous past.

or of course (sorry guys i just had to think this way), maybe the man had an affair(s) and the woman forgave him after she found out. probably cos she so called loved him too much, or maybe women just tend to act silly in certain matters of the heart. thats why now we see them (again) hand in hand, smiling as they walk in the park. this time, the woman trying to bury a past she would rather forget.

or maybe, both didnt have affairs, but they only stayed with each other habitually, just cos each was too used to having the other around. in some ways, mankind is built to resist change. and so now we see them (you know whats next), hand in hand, smiling as they walk in the park, hiding the desire to know what could have been if they had the guts to venture.

maybe, perhaps, the love has long since vapourized with time. yet life is not just about feelings. the practicality of life sets in with children, money, houses etc etc. and in the end each of them knows that the best viable decision is to remain status quo, remain together. and that is why, we can see them hand in hand, smiling (well they had to stay together so might as well be happy with it. fake it if you cant make it) as they walk in the park, wishing deep inside that life wasnt all that practical.

so tell me, what actually are the odds that the old couple you see in the park, hand in hand and smiling, truly in that kind of selfless, obstacle-surpassing, timeless love?

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nike Stussy Dunk Low SB
Limited Edition (72 pairs)
Out on 7/7/2005
Sold out

currently cheapest on ebay is 210
but the worst thing is that, its supposed to be for guys so the smallest size i saw offered so far is US9. my dream shoe!


2:09 AM

Saturday, July 09, 2005

am addicted to a new self entertaining hobby - digging up old cds n playing them at unearthly hours. after all, how long more can i fully utilise my stereo? and the reason why im saying this is... my application for Kent Ridge has been approved. not much elation though, perhaps has got something to do with size of the room. just perhaps.

anyhows, sorry chih lin for not being at indochine (wonder if you're there). but it was nice to meet you in town nonetheless. which reminds me, that shopping is seriously becoming addictive. or maybe its the guilt-free act of presenting your card to the cashier. with no cash, you just dont feel the pinch as much, if any at all. here i am, staring at my wardrobe n cupboards n whatever bags strewn all over the floor, knowing that some of them i'll nv even use more than once or twice...

i STILL like shopping. hahaha (: yay

i dont know why is blogspot still in chinese! the language function so doesnt work. meanwhile, just heard my recent 'ear-candy', think: ashton kutcher with dumb look with guitar. alright alright, think bon jovi instead -

i'll be there for you
these five words i swear to you
when you breathe i wanna be the air for you
i'll be there for you
i live and i die for you
steal the sun from the sky for you
words cant say what love can do
i'll be there for you

3:37 AM

reaching the big two
loves God, loves home, loves life
law school

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