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Sunday, September 25, 2005

i am fully utilising the wireless in my house (: loves it.

met up with zexi n chris just now. and im so glad we had a car. finally stepped into town like since forever. and met like alot of people. hrmm. spore's really kinda small. anyways i cant believe even on weekends, i have prata for supper. hahahah

zexi is still the same, as usual. chris seemed to have gotten a little less crazy. haha or maybe we're all tired. me.. i just got fatter. shudders.

i just had to buy something at flash n splash cos it was like 15percent off and its the last day. usually i would have known abt the sale. and this time i only came across it so late?! and it was so freaking crowded its so hard to shop. argh, this is what island NUS does to you.

gotta get val's present. anddddd watch ana n ron tmr at gombak. i am so dead. torts is so dead. sch is sucky ): grrrrrr.

i wish i had the ability to make time stop. then i could save what could have been. andddd i'll have time to at least try to mug. groans.

2:17 AM

Thursday, September 22, 2005

to think im so sick of trying to study that im blogging an entry. (keyword: trying). i think my torts is really dead. but nonetheless, im due to go out in abt an hour. i think school is getting kinda stressful. i dont know, its only like the start of the second month. and pq is in japan?! while im slogging out here, TRYING to do some work. and i can guarantee my thoughts arent coherent. woops.

hall bash was ooooo...kay. not that bad i guess. definitely better than TH's. although the music at first was really kind of... slow.. and abit cheesy (backstreet's back?), at least it isnt trance. thank goodness.

we sent joan off at the airport ): we'll miss you!

its already been more than a month. and i do miss you, albeit less and less each day. if you ever see this, i can only say sorry. and if you want to blame me, i cant stop you.

there there, shreds of my thoughts.

4:21 PM

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