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Saturday, November 26, 2005

i might slap/punch/kick the next person who askes me how torts was.

disclaimer: i absolutely have zilch intention to cause any personal injury. it was just a traumatizing incident. lesson of how you get screwed when you bum around too much (especially in a faculty full of freak muggers). on a brighter note, i will not have to look at jones and kidner anymore, IF i actually pass the module.

contract is next friday and i can hardly imagine slogging another week. now if only i've ever tried to attempt the tutorials. sorry brrrrrrrrton. i will try harder next sem *cross my fingers.

afterwhich, i shall leave all these and live in denial till the results are out. am returning to my homeland to:
- shop
- visit new disneyland
- eat eat eat
- shop some more
- eat some more
- play some more

can start informing me what you guys want from there already. (just dont remind me your exams are over, or ask me how my exams were -- refer to disclaimer)

meanwhile, i shall stick to my recipe of mtv, honeystars and milk to calm down, works better than yoga, trust me.

12:28 AM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

yet another month has past, i miss the smiles we all used to have.

for all who have known me long n well enough, you know when i say im screwed for something, i do mean i AM screwed for that. for that matter, this time i think there is no more scraping thru the exams. yes they are here again. and this time, i smell much trouble brewing.

why do they expect us to mug like crazy within first three months of school? first it was play, then more play, then binder, and viola, its the end of a freaking semester. i am NOT in the mood for writing coherently.

you know what, i should be starting on singapore legal system now.

1:12 AM

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