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Sunday, January 30, 2005

finally get to come online. been going to the field at bugis. keep meeting ppl there while working, teresa, char neo, ming xiong etc. anyways job has been the same old thing. got promoted. but i'm waiting to see when i'll quit. see what the new proj is. yawns.

anyways, to get back to some ppl...
mel - haha will give u a present when i see you
peiqin - you're back! i want my present from hongkong! haha and i got stuff to tell you actually. hope to see u soon (:
vanessa - haha hope to see u soon, your jacket is still in one of the lockers in the office!

i'm getting sick of blogging. how do people blog all the time. hrmm.

11:14 PM

Friday, January 14, 2005

after talking to chih n xtina on msn:

I MISS EVERYONE OF YOU GUYS (girls for that matter)!!!!!
shoot me but i miss school now, cos at least time was within my control, i get to see the people i wanna see. now i have minimal time for myself, let alone anyone else. i need more time!

11:39 PM

met with dear pq today. supposed to watch "alfie" for jude law but ended up watching "my brother" instead. cos as usual, won bin WON us over. i think i'll stay home all day if i had a brother who looks like him. and it was so embarassing taking out tissue paper to dry tears when won bin's brother in the show died. but i mean, won bin was crying. how can you not cry with him right.

anyways think i shall collect taufik's album tmr with the presale redemption card, not that im a huge fan, but he's not too bad. so i hope the album won't let me down. haha hey peiqin if its not nice i'll tell u then don't waste your money man.

oh wells, back to work tmr despite my still quite bad voice. one third of the company is transferring office. sighs. which means some of the very few sane colleagues i have are leaving! shit. and heard that from now on no more jeans for girls must office wear! *screams (without a voice) n tears hair*

oh and after brad pitt n jennifer ainston have separated, im even more convinced true love is really almost non-existent. wasnt it just a while ago when they were like THE couple. hrmm.

10:37 PM

Thursday, January 13, 2005

just realised it's really been a long time since i've seen u guys! sigh firstly it was cos of work, then cos i fell sick, so there was no point meeting up cos i cant talk anyway. no voice. but anyways, i miss evryone but i've got a few things to say in particular to a few ppl (:

pq: i miss u too! i really wanna hear all about whats going on n i really hope we can meet up soon, like this coming friday. haha cos even though i have no voice i can always listen n.... jot down my comments in pen n paper! hahaha

mar: hey it's really been a long while. im so sorry i havent got time (nor the voice) to call n ask how you've been doing but i hope you're doing great. if anything u can always call whenever u want, i can manage some mumbling between the coughs i guess. haha

candice: hey girl, hope you're doing well in your job. lets meet up when i get my voice back ya? u always have loads to talk abt. haha..

mel: princess... erm... i dunno why i suddenly thought of princess n the pea! haha do u like peas?

so anyhows, actually there're still some more impt ppl but i know those ppl don't come online so i shall save my comments. and oh, hope to meet up with some of u guys in class outing then (:

12:12 AM

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

okays all my dears, im NOT working for juice asia. but for this company that i think is sort of associated to juice asia though. think juice asia is like under the company im working for. anyhows, my voice is like really getting LOW from all these days of work.. but its all for the cash man.

so anyways, sorry guys that if i havent really contacted you guys for a long while or even been online, cos this job leaves me with not much life. haha and guess wad, im supposed to get promoted like next few days, but i'm taking leave for next week so the promotion's gonna have to wait. but not that it matters, cos leaders don't earn extra anyways. so what the heck.

meanwhile, u guys can tag abt how you all have been ya? hope everyone's doing great (: see u guys soon. oh n PS: peishan thanks for donating. hahaha

10:46 PM

Sunday, January 02, 2005

finally some personal time to come online. isnt it shit how coming online has become a privilege.

basically i got a job. as some people know. the pay's alright. but the hours are absolutelyfreakingunbelievablycrazily long. like more than 13 freaking hours a day. MORE. and there's the disturbing fact that i missed this week's bonus cos i was like minutes later than this guy to get back to the office. 300 bucks bonus. -pulls hair beats heart whatever-

of course, the craziness in the company hasnt quite gotten to me YET. but im getting accustomed to slapping palms, cheering, team meetings, location meetings, crazy violent games, crazy silly games (chop chilli chop), and what else, but everyone's favourite word : JUICE

my shoulder n legs ache. my throat teeters on the verge of being sore. the perks n downs of the job. every cold morning i wake n think, 'what the $%^& im so not gonna repeat the same job another day'. wonder how long i'll last. maybe when the project changes it'll be better. I HOPE. the point is, my leader is having such big aspirations n high expectations of me im too guilty to even think of quitting. he has basically paved my path for leadership etc etc, said im one of his more stable member, and cos so many other obs just left when they don't see the money, im too guilty to leave.

actually my leader's just this kid, in a way i guess. 16 yr old. with a heavy burden of supporting the family. to the extent of considering whether to continue jc. think he has such a bright future. but sometimes we just need some luck in life. i mean, with a bankrupt dad who gambles, a mum who just got discharged from woodbridge, a sis who's in poly, what can a 16 yr old kid do but to grow up way before his time. he skips lunch to save money, he refuses to buy panadols for his bad headache to save money, he even thinks twice about getting a haircut to save money, yet he's so willing to help, willing to lead, willing to learn. i hope his problems can just vanish.

in the popular way of phrasing it, JUICE to him. and back to my problem, so how do i tell him when i want to leave. okay maybe not leaving yet, but sooner or later. troubles.

12:54 AM

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