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Sunday, February 13, 2005

for once i need to panic for valentine's day.
got absolutely no time on my hands to get anything for anyone. basically i took the recipe for oreo cheesecake (thanks pq darling haha) but realised i absolutely have no time to bake it or buy the ingredients.
when did time start slipping away like that. no time for this no time for that.

as daiyan has been saying, work is getting sickening. but its for some friends n also partly the money that im hanging in there.
so daiyan pls hang in there as well and dun care abt the OSRAM (u know who) cos we dont work for him.
gosh basically i need to learn some self defence (to fight syam.. haha) and how to say no to ppl lending money. groans.

anyways i think im too used to being alone, freedom n all. oh wells. u gain some u lose some. hope its all worth it. so far so good.

meantime, happy valentine's days dears (:

1:39 AM

Monday, February 07, 2005

it's wrong with a capital W.
i know it's wrong sometimes when i see you.
i know it's wrong sometimes when you talk to me.
i know it's wrong sometimes when i hear about you.
i know it's wrong cos your love makes me feel guilty.
i know it's wrong cos i know i can't put in as much as you can.

i'm trying, but i'm afraid that in the end i'll have to let you down.

that aside, chinese new yr's coming. am gonna not work this week n slack. can't wait to meet daiyan n tammy tmr (: and of course, to the babes from 29, pls meet up soon. to jieyun, haha can i come your hse with oranges n u cook me chicken curry n spaghetti again darling? haha (:

1:58 AM

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