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Monday, May 30, 2005

australia law and commerce?
USA law and commerce?
NUS business administration?


1:24 AM

Monday, May 23, 2005

should i go to warwick to do law?
should i stay in NUS bizad (and request for double degree in psychology as well)?
should i go to USA?

is it worth spending so much just to do law? will i even do well if i go overseas to attend their law school? it'll leave me with no choice but to excel in it. i cant afford to screw it if we spend so much to send me overseas.

do i really NEED to do law? should i just settle for bizad (and maybe with psychology)? does that imply im giving up what i wanted to do since years ago? actually i dont even know why i wanted to do law. until now im still undecided. and time is seriously running out.

whats the use of getting good grades when i cant study what i want to?
why is it that those rich brats with the financial means to study overseas dwindle their time n money away while for some of us who just want to study what we want to, it's so difficult?
why is it that i had to bloody screw up my interview and written test for law and appeal chances are so slim?

should i leave, or should i go.

1:48 PM

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i shall forgive. pq calls him a lump of breathing shit. haha. but anyways, resentment does no one good. so i shall just forgive.

was half an hour late for work today. thought taking mum's car would make me early, i was so wrong. jam jam jam. ugh. n im having a tummy ache! ):

i hate sappy love songs.

11:03 AM

Monday, May 16, 2005

that piece of shit has gotten himself a gf! luckily his gf is... ok im sorry... not pretty. haha shit im such a bitch. but it's lucky that she's not pretty, else i'll feel indignant. i've been feeling mysteriously good when i see couples matching in looks (whether good or bad looking) together, i cant stand it when i see a pretty girl with an ugly guy or vice versa. i know it sounds really bitchy, but i'd rather see matching couples, don't ask me why. oh dear, im becoming abnormal. oh and guess wad, he called me a BITCH (hey only i can call myself that, and close girl friends), and he said "do take care alot.. don't get hurt again.. cos you probably will.. HAHA!" oh my, epitome of childish behaviour.

just had boxing yday. my arms are aching as im typing this entry man. but the aching is not even from the boxing, its from holding the paddings for your partner. they're heavy! and my instructor's quite funny, and he has nice legs. haha.

meanwhile, im in a dilemma. cant make things more explicit here as everyone knows how open blogs are, just need to get some stuff out of my system. is it actually right to play? can playing really not involve any (and i mean ANY) emotions at all? or do you get better at it the more you play? who should or should not be played with? if the person's good, then you'll hurt the person by playing with him. but if the person is a fellow player, then what's this, playing with each other? sometimes i can't fathom the meaning of all these.

10:33 AM

Friday, May 13, 2005

it's about 9am now and im blogging already (for your info, blogging in office = nothing to do n very VERY bored). and its only the start of the day. but i shld cherish my last half month here. today's friday the 13th!

caught last quarter at cine with pq yday. despite its various attempts to be cryptic, it was kind of funny (visit pq's blog for details. haha am lazy to spell it out) and don't buy the kachang puteh at cine people, its not nice! and expensive! and the darn three buck lemonade. three bucks for that puny cup?! what a killer. haha btw pq, i keep wanting to laugh when i think of the mtv part. haha. and i like tomoki (: whatever his real name might be. haha eh that mizuki is damn lucky right, she's not even pretty n she got to act with hyde and that tomoki.

been feeling broke recently. everyday no matter how much i withdraw from the atm, at the end of the day its all gone! and the worst thing is, i bought nothing! meaning it goes to food, cabs, movies, transport, and some of it plain flew away to who-knows-where. hrmm. not a good sign. my mum has came up with an idea to counter my shopaholism. she's asking me to SHOP ard for stuff like nice accessories etc, then sell them on the net to people. in this way, i can make a little money (probably not much) and still continue to shop. haha. but its not that feasible is it. selling stuff online. and besides, i think i wun bear to sell the stuff i buy. oh wells, am going to check out the army market later. must remember to go atm during lunch. sighs.

9:12 AM

Thursday, May 12, 2005

am really really shagged these few days after keeping so many late nights and having to wake early for work. this morning as i heard the rain on my tinted window panes i so so SO wanted to sleep in. yawns. am totally dozing off now (thats why im blogging to stay awake). should have grabbed some starbucks on my way to the office but unfortunately i was already half an hour late (as usual).

im convinced that booking driving lessons online is akin to playing some dumb computer game. you gotta be alert n check frequently, then when u finally glimpse an empty slot that someone gave up, u gotta like decide in a matter of seconds, because if you take any longer than that, the slot would have been snatched up by someone else. thats the only stressful thing i do in the office. hahaha.

met up with first three months 33/03 yesterday at nydc! haha havent seen loads of them in ten gazillion years. mudpies are really sinful by the way (and bad for cramps.) we want another outing! yayness.

watched a couple of movies recently...
xxx2 - not too bad (although i didnt even catch the first show) the action wasnt too forced. the lead's body was quite wow. simple story line but sufficient cool stunts.
divergence - not very recommended although daniel wu was hot (whats new). was particularly touched cum amused by a scene while aaron kwok was holding back his tears while munching on a fillet o fish n thinking of his missing gf.
house of wax - just watch it if u wanna see paris die. oh and prancing ard in red lingerie. but i love chad michael murray in the show, the heroic brother (:
kingdom of heaven - had really high expectations for it. not too sure if it met what i expected, but nonetheless not too bad a show. orlando with black hair is still charming. haha. (think legolas was more of pretty) and for the record (don't ask why i even thought of it), i was thinking if i marry orlando bloom, i'll be bloom king man. haha oops. or king man bloom, decide which's worse.

probably will be going to korea in june (if i can afford the time). really wanna go to taiwan with friends! but i really dont know how to squeeze time out from driving n piano. argh. i don't even have enough time to read all the books i have on my table, all waiting to be savoured. anyways, will be watching last quarter (peiqin's hyde!) with pq later tonight. just hope i'll be awake till then.

10:26 AM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

coffee has never been my cup of tea (excuse the play on words). the only times when i actually consume coffee is during endless mugging sessions for huge examinations. not to mention that 3-in-1 packet coffee has the tendency to get me going to the loo. but today's a milestone in the coffee-and-me relationship history.

im in love with starbucks' mocha frappucino light. (although i've always been more of a coffeebean girl cos at least they serve pure chocolate n vanilla). and i have one new resolution: no more whipped cream for me at the coffee joints. i didnt know it was THAT fattening! and anyways, i never did like it. just thought it was quite a cute blob of white on my beverage all this while.


1:14 PM

Sunday, May 01, 2005

isnt it funny how sometimes we set out with an aim only to return with an unexpected conclusion?

aim: haircut to have a different look.
conclusion: brown highlights over my originally already natural brown hair. not to mention he charged me 110 for highlights?!

life surprises me sometimes.

10:39 PM

screwed law interview n written test (MAYBE COS THEY BLOODY ASKED ALMOST THE SAME QUESTION. I HATE PAEDOPHILES. WHATEVER THE SPELLING OF IT IS, FOR THAT MATTER) ok people please help me pray that i'll get into law! cos i really dunno what else to study!

clara: hey hello! (: haha thanks girl. appreciate it. for the moment i think assholic shit guys can just go swallow themselves up. haha hope you're doing fine anyways!
peishan: hey dear! thanks so much for your sms! it was really unexpected. haha (abeit a little slow, haha kidding) hope to meet up with all the girls soon ya?
to everyone else who cared: sorry for not being able to list evryone but u know who u are. love u guys.

1:06 AM

reaching the big two
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