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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

as you might have noticed, blogging is becoming a bit of a chore, hence explaining my long disappearances. but not to worry, im still alive n kicking.

i think im in need of some new excitement in my life. there has got to more to life, left to be unravelled, discovered, savoured. meanwhile, piano exam n driving test is closing in, am undecided which is worse. oh and advanced placement tests for bizad modules, which i don't know who else is taking. i NEED something more to life.

why cant i just get away to some foreign land and spend my days in a nice cosy cottage?
or maybe a luxurious palace?
or a bustling city where i can shop all day?
or a quiet little town with nice neighbours?

i swear i might have split personalities.

11:44 PM

Saturday, June 18, 2005

i dont know why, but blogspot's in chinese right now.

anyway went for dinner with pq, joel and joan at marina. poor pq lost her phone, which we sort of suspect is stolen by some guy who cleared the table. and im so freaking full now i need to puke. and dinner has already been over for like almost three hours. argh.

1:18 AM

Sunday, June 12, 2005

been watching joel's dvds of the simple life. *echoes in backgrd "this hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks"* am going to get an overdose of bitchiness.

xtina: chih said you paid already! i didnt know you haven't!
joan: haha you're different! you probably can survive much better than i can!
peiqin: haha business n arts separated by (grits teeth) law! haha anyways, my slacking lifestyle is making me grow.. eh ask your cousin whether can get the california fitness thing la!

and on another note, i quite like the munchie monkey cafe opened by some nus business students. i realise im not talking coherently today. must be the lack of sleep. tatas.

12:15 AM

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

haha this entry is NOT by order from dearest princess melody. as you might infer from fairytales n whatsoever sources, KINGS do NOT accept orders from princesses. hahaha. esp princesses who still owe birthday presents. ahem.

am too lazy to blog about birthday. it was good nonetheless. love all of you. muacks.

as most of you already know, i've made the popular decision to.... stay in singapore. haha although still can change my mind since sch in aussie starts like next yr. well i don't know. its just overwhelming thinking of surviving there for five yrs slogging through double degree. and the thought of going there alone, COOKING, LAUNDRY, finding a house in the first place, i dont even freaking know how to plug a telephone line. see? im not ready i think. but its like, i gotta learn sometime right. sighs. alright, tell me.. does business at NUS have prospects? i realised that if i double law n commerce in aussie, chances are, i'll work there in the future. then its bye bye singapore. hrm. but education is costly man. damn.

meanwhile, since im more or less decided on staying, am going to NUS with chih lin tmr to check out n pay for the hostel accommodation. woo hoo.

11:49 PM

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