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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ah ha! im back! with perfect ten crooning "thank God its Christmas" now. YES, thank God its Christmas soon! my favourite festive day! yesssssss!

had a nasty flu not long after i was in hk. am a sunshine kid, cant stand the harsh winter cold. ugh. and the polluted air made it hard to breathe. first day was good. spent 4 hours at esprit and spent a grand total of 800 spore dollars. first day eh. (honestly i had a fright when i saw the sum at the cashier)

and then it got colder n colder, even with the heater in the house. brrrr. there was more (but calmer n more controlled) shopping. disneyland was alright only, since only the first phase is open till two years later, so the rides were really tailored for kids. think rotating tea cups n wooden horses and a hardly exciting rollercoaster. oh wells. grabbed a couple of mickeyish stuff over there. like the ear mufflers and the BBBBBEEEEEGGGGGG mickey hands i always wanted to get. hurhur. and we were trying to play scissors paper stone with it, attracting much unwanted attention. winks. the fake snow at disneyland was FOAM. ugh, as compared to the manmade real (oxymoronic i know) snow in ocean park. waited one good hour for the fireworks which were.... alright. think i wont step back into disneyland till its fully opened. checked out the disneyland hotels though, after a super long walk. it was... well, mickeyish.

ate a good lot of good food. was never hungry for the whole trip. and we sadistic twits ate ice cream on purpose in the cold. i love yam ice cream. it can be my staple food. ok plus the fishballs and shiu mai (not the kind in spore). got a little scared of yumcha-ing after the fourth day though. and the cold made me miss home singapore. i officially announced that i would rather die of a heatstroke than in the harsh cold (a decision which got overruled this morning during bball ihg training in the sun)

the fashion really rocks over there. and i dont even know why there are so many goodlooking guys. its like, i walk on the streets, every few minutes i see a cute or cool guy. on the train, on the buses, vans. well, everywhere. maybe its the fashion, even average looking guys or girls dress well generally. their fashion is elaborate such that, either you're damn stylish or you really suck shit. and most of them (at least the young people) are stylish. or maybe its winter, where you have more clothes on you. but still, more clothes but they're still NICE clothes. speaking of winter, there was such a wide range of boots, which will never see the light of day in singapore. so (as i said, i shopped more calmly after the esprit hoo-ha), no boots for us.

another thing i noticed, as opposed to the closing trend of pacific coffee joints over here (think citilink), there are sooo many of them in hk. and they're all nice. just that, i dont like coffee. haha. wells, bbq on the second last night was waaaaaaaay... windy. hahah the food was good, so was the atmosphere with everyone around you all bbqing. groups and groups of people by the sea (thats why it was blardy windy). one of the pits became my fireplace to warm our hands. hurhur.

well, that's about it isnt it, shop eat sneeze shop eat sneeze in hk. photos when i feel like it. ta!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

mambo last night was, i should say, eventful. almost classified it as the worst second to dxo the other time. but anyhows it was salvaged by the very amusing incidents towards the end of the night. so it was okay after all nonetheless.

the start was really boring, yawned a grand total of who-knows how many times. drinks were overpriced cos one-on-one havent started yet. went duper early to skip the queue. but ended up having to wait for the others queuing anyways. met a thousand and one familiar faces, many long lost. but anyhows when eleven came it became frigging crowded and the dance floor started to finally get filled, albeit with sweaty individuals soon enough.

anyhows the worst part started when we had to squeeze in and out of the crowd ten million times just to get to the bar, get to the loo, get to this get to that. didnt help that each time we came back to the dance floor we couldnt find the others cos apparently they got squeezed to a corner (NOT SAME SPOT MY DEAR PQ). and between all that jostling through the crowd feets were stepped on ten gazillion times. partying with a huge group always has its downs, by the time you come back from a loo trip and finally found the rest of the group, another person would wanna make a trip to the loo or bar again. great. and so that was how it got a little off for the night.

luckily, the night went on with slightly more amusing smses and incidents. and we had a heck of a laugh on the dance floor onlooking very reeeeally retro-ish dancing. there came a point where we just couldnt take it no more n gave in to laughing fits altogether admist the dancing (or wriggling) crowd. BUT all in good faith ok. i guess whatever happens on the night, is kept to the night. thats that.

the end was a little of a trouble again, what with sitting and standing around waiting for who-knows-what. then the mercz cab refusing to take five people back to hall. and how after that there was this big problem about who can drive the car parked at hall and who to sleep where what not. you see ironically when there are more people, its harder to get the decisions quick. two (or more) minds are not necessarily better than one sometimes. to add on to the jabs, it poured.... with my laundry hanging out in hall.

anyhows as i said it was an eventful night, with waking this afternoon welcomed by many many smses with questions. "are you ok?" "hangover?" "what happened last night?" "what did you see?" "who did you tell?" "why........." --- yawns.

oh wells, off to pepper lunch soon.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

post exams so far has been a quick thing. shop, flicks, catching up, and suddenly ihg trainings have started and im actually blogging in hall now cos i cant drag myself to anywhere. i have trainings every single day except sundays, today is tues, and trust me, my whole bod is aching already. cant imagine two trainings back to back tmr. to think i should be going mambo tmr night. omg chih says "can dance better with wobbly legs!" ahhhh. thanks. but well, thank goodness im escaping to hk soon. rest for ten days at least (:

law bash was alright anyhows. nothing spectacular but wasnt as bad as dxo.

went ginza with val an hr ago after bball, was supposed to go little india but figured it was too far. searched highhhhh and looooow for the damn saloon thats supposed to be beside 7-11 so that we can do our brows which incidentally looks like LA BI XIAO XIN's now. but we ended up passing by the same shops over and over again, till we gave up and sat in macs for ice cream. which unfortunately destroyed whatever training we went through in the morning. great!

was just wondering if i preferred sentosa in the day or night. sentosa last night was almost like ghost town. no one was around at all, except the ticket lady when we drove in (duh like singapore ever gives you a chance to enter any place for free). it was just so damn quiet except for some damn i-dunno-what possible insect squeaking and freaking me out a couple of times. even the bars were empty. but day is good, sun sand and the beach. (and more revenue to speak of, for that matter). weather these days is crazy. when it rains it pours, literally. yet this morn i thought i would die of a heat stroke somewhere on the track.

btw the new tagboard is really one heck of a twit. wait till i settle it when i finally feel like it. meanwhile i shall find solace in honeystars!

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