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Saturday, January 28, 2006

this happens when lawr gets too boring... you clean white bags that you uncontrollably bought. and you show bren your phone can edit photos, and psycho her to buy it as well. on a side note, im so peeved the price has seemed to drop. just like my digicam whom others buy for half price, phone prices drop in weeks too. i mean, dont they have a saying "early bird gets the (GOOD) worm"?! no, you see, you just get the shit deal. you pay more, and feel cheated.

10:22 PM

im curling up in a non aircon room, quilt over myself, and trying to actually get warmth from my trusty laptop's heat. thank God i still have my sense of taste so i didnt waste my reunion dinner food. i hear mahjong outside and my kiddo cousin is asking me to play incredible 4 on xbox. i said no thanks n he looked abit down, then turned his attention to my sister (who's incredibly reading her bio text on new yr's eve). my sister said no to his offer too, and he asked exasperatedly "why not!!" then my sister said "im studying". and my kiddo cousin went, "what sort of EXCUSE is that!" oh wells, if only i was still a kid whose only worry is making sure Dash can get pass his obstacles.

yups, ive got a fever. on new yr's eve. and ive an assignment due 2359h later. how sick (both meanings intended) is that.

i suspect my fever is due to the shrimp paste chicken supper at kr, and the bbq at chris's hse last night. not your fault chris, serious. im just complaining, cos its new year.

i gave up editing my assignment in the afternoon just now, and resigned myself to eating brownies (killing myself), and watching tv. that was until i couldnt stand the harsh coldness in the living room anymore. am feeling a bit woozy at the moment, ate the wrong kind of panadol. i mean, it said 'panadol extra'. naturally i would presume it to be the normal fever-curbing one, just the normal ingredients times two or something right. who knows panadol extra is only for pain relief and not fever. feeling absolutely boinked out. (maybe there isnt such a word, but yeah, i AM feeling 'boinked' out)

now its like every move i make requires three times of my normal strength, and every cough is linked to a headache. now my only consolation is, i hope my lack of appetite can help me lose weight.

anyhows i cant believe that we have a snow white assignment for lawr due in class on thurs. im sure we're all non chinese who dont happen to have relatives to visit and good food to eat.

im getting pins and needles from my current typing position already.
happy new year.

9:20 PM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

think i should really start selling my stuff online. the shopping is getting a little out of hand. i shop even in school. i have a million items with tags still on in my rooms, both hall and home. who knows, i could make a business out of this!

have been good on resolution number 3b on my list. which is wake early. (3a is sleep early, working on it) which means i've been eating hall breakfast. lets just see how many permutations n combinations i can come up with for the choice of breakfast in hall. meanwhile, as with all other new year resolutions, the other points haven't quite materialised.

and by the way.
i told you, that in the end, i will still have the last laugh.
so, don't you run back to where you began, because then the process would have been for nothing.

on a very very side note, i really havent found a way for liking lawr assignments.
oops its 2:06am.
mental note: resolution 3a.

1:55 AM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

bad morning.

matches on a public holiday, rain rain rain, being disappointed by the game, rain rain rain, no proper lunch, rain rain rain.

bad morning.

i wish you could make it better.

2:02 PM

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

colorgenics personal profile

You are tired of the various 'ups' and 'downs' of life at this time. If only you could win a lottery - or better still, be the heir to a large inheritance which would allow you to afford a life of absolute luxury. This day dreaming will shortly pass and whether you like it or not, sooner or later you will have to face reality.

In the past there have been - and maybe there still are - many things that you have had to do without. You have now decided to set your sights on a position or situation that could give you greater prestige and which will afford you considerable self esteem.

Your involvements seldom measure up to your high emotional expectations and your 'needs' to be 'loved' and 'cared for' have in the past often led to extreme disappointment. But a change is in the wind - make a firm decision to start anew. Just 'think' it..and it will happen.

The unwanted situation in which you presently find yourself is causing you considerable stress and frustration and your feeling is that whatever you try to do to remedy this is to no avail. You feel trapped. You want to get away from it all as you feel that you are banging your head against a brick wall getting nowhere. You have turned your aggression inwards and you are furious with yourself for not being able to achieve your goals. You need to go away, somewhere where there are less restrictions and where you can be free to make your own decisions.

You are worn out - suffering from what has been described as 'burnout' and nothing seems to stimulate you to break away from this state of lethargy. This situation is causing an acute distress situation and not being able immediately to resolve the problems is exposing you to excess stress and tension. You are endeavouring to break away from this situation by withdrawing into a state of 'Never Never Land' - an illusory substitute world in which things could be as you would like them to be. Now is the time to take time-out - to relax. A short break is all that you need and you will find that matters will resolve themselves.

how this, really makes me wonder.

2:47 AM

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