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Saturday, April 22, 2006

this is one driving experience you might never have.

and so it was, it began when i was walking to the car, pressed to unlock the car from more than a metre away, and strolling towards the driver's seat. procedure involved (all in retarded slow motion cos it was early in the morning) throwing my bag onto the seat, strolling over to the opposite side to open the compartment to take out the silly i-havent-yet-reached-one-year-after-getting-a-license signs (wait n see, im reaching one year soon, byebye signs), sticking those signs on the front, and strolling to the back to do the same.

and then finally i got into the driver's seat and started fiddling with my handphone to plug in the handsfree and all. (note that all this while i havent started the engine yet) and the door automatically locked itself cos its been a while since i unlocked it but yet i havent started the engine (ahhhh safety features). so i thought, oh biggie, im in the car anyway, you wanna auto lock then go ahead.

big mistake.

so i was cruising along out of the neighbourhood, and then i realised everytime the car passed by some little hump on the road it'll make a beeping sound. bewildered, i checked that yes its in D=Drive, yes i've released the hand brake (sorry i have a history of driving with the hand brake on n causing the back tyres to burn. yes i've breathed in much toxic rubber fumes). and so i just left myself in denial and thought ok whatever, i cant stop you from beeping.

bigger mistake.

so i reached the highway. drive.... hump (BEEPING)... drive... uneven road (BEEPING MORE)... drive... and then it came. SIREN NOISES from my car. in the middle of the highway, in the middle lane, in between everyone else... siren as in like freaking loud eeee-oooooreesss and whirling police-like sirens WHOOOOO-WHEEEEE WHOOOO-WHEEEEE.... and i was like WTF.

had to pull over on the road shoulder on a freaky bustling highway to check what the heck is wrong. i was already prepared to see some part of the car dropping off or something. (presumed the beeping was a warning and the sirens an ultimatum).

and then it hit me. i stopped the engine. took out the keys. clicked on that damn lock-unlock button to relock n unlock the car. finally the damn sirens stopped. (if you still dont understand by this point in time, MY CAR THOUGHT I WAS A CAR THIEF, remember how it auto locked as safety feature? apparently im not supposed to just ignore n start driving after it auto locks without engine running).

not to mention i had to bid my time for a while before being able to cut back into the expressway from the shoulder.


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