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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

chih! this is freaky man. you know over the weekend i was thinking of you-know-who, and i felt that the both of us (me n you-know-who) were on a carousel (aka merry go round). my theory deviates from yours, but i do think that yours makes a lot of sense actually. though that is precisely what i fear most. being trapped in the never ending circle with the cheery music, as though the very chirpiness of it is mocking me and my predicament.

anyways, as i was saying, i was indeed afraid to be caught in this carousel, where everything seems beautiful, riding together on the seemingly majestic horses. the scenery is captivating, the music whirls you into a dreamland, it seems like happily ever after.

or so it seemed.

then you realise that suddenly the scenery all begins to look familiar. the music seems to be so cheery it is odious. and the worst is, the wooden horses go nowhere, but in circles. never-ending circles. i'm trapped within the carousel, with history repeating itself over n over again. it's as if no matter how far we've come, we still return to the starting point of zilch. and then we try once again, to enchant ourselves into the facade of it all, the pretty ideals of perhaps love and ever after. but at the end of the day, it is all the same.

it is time to hop off the carousel. to where, i cant tell. but it will definitely be firmer ground than wheeling around with you on a "merry"-go-round. waiting endlessly as what once used to be our world fades into emptiness.

yups but chih, i still like your analogy to the centre of the universe. neat (:

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