Beautifully Broken

Sunday, August 14, 2005

i have this premonition that i wont have a blogging mood anytime soon. but since its been really rather stagnant. i must do my part.

- temasek hall bash at DXO last night really was BAD. the music is trance-like, there was absolutely no one dancing, they spent like a good half hour with lights fully on shifting equipment n mopping the floor. moved to chinablack after that which we mistakenly thought was free entry. and hence, after all the cabbing etc. im so broke. law bash tonight is at DXO again. hrm.

- IBG soon. i cant imagine training at 6am. i have this bump on my forehead, ache on my neck and bruises on my knees, due to frisbee. but i like frisbee (:

- am feeling absolutely like a slacker as compared to the other law people. i havent read any notes!

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