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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

checked in hotel. make up. hair styling. first disastrous curly wurly hairdo (which got me tere n mar cracking up in the bathroom), wash off gatsby super hard spray (thats the name of it really!) n second better hairdo (which the stylist threatened to kill me if i dare wash it off again). make up was fine. apparently some think my eyes look BEEEEGER. and horror of horrors, they thought i looked like lucy liu. is she even gd looking?!?!?!?! anyways evryone looked done up n pweeeety (:

as expected, grad was a tad boring. till me and nancy were sitting on the couch outside yakking away, ignoring the dumb games and the dumb host.

(a response to a breakdance performance, in a mock enthusiastic voice)
"don't try this at home..................................... try it at your neighbour's home"

anyhows, the day was saved when our dearest pweeeety woman peishan clinched prom queen. seriously without this grad could have been a total flop altogether. me n pq were acting totally unglam by throwing roses when queen peishan paraded thru the hall, the worst bit was when we(holds breath) had to go n pick the roses up. oops.

sucky games and damn sucky food aside, taking photos was fun! though someone shld really invent painless heels. our beloved brunei prince kokvui bought me ps n mel roses and we coaxed/forced/persuaded gee to buy us some too. but after their shortlived glory, they're currently flattened n dead on my table now. sniff. a couple of almost-throw-face events took place during photo-taking, but im certainly not risking my reputation/life/face to list them here.

cabbed back to hotel, where we slipped into clubbing clothes, but ended up unable to find any available clubs, it was drizzling, and marinah had this real HUGE problem that was bugging her all the way. she couldnt stop twitching cos of that. haha..

settled at chijmes, where we chilled n talked/gossiped till late. electric lemonade n my lychee martini. got to 7-11 n stocked up on junk food n back to the hotel at abt 5am. watched spongebob n munched ruffles till 6plus n me n tere had to slp on the carpeted grd where there was unfortunately a baby cockroach earlier on. (using the word 'baby' almost makes it sound cute)

after two pathetic hours of so-called sleep, checked out, watched The Incredibles. I LOVE DASH. (:

then stoned around, met 2truthians, had dinner at nydc, breathed in endless whiffs of cigarette smoke, nearly died of suffocation, n decided we were all too tired n... home sweet home. sarah n pat thinks my voice have changed, esp sarah, who's apparently very convinced n somehow shocked. the thing is, pat thinks my voice has gone deeper (sexyyyy!) and sarah thinks my voice has gone higher (tweety bird?) im convinced that i can eat anything now that grad's over. mudpies, pasta, chocolates, chips, lifestyle of indulgence, here i come.

by the way, cant stand loserly guys. probably unsafe to say anything here but its just annoying. i love my girlfriends. lesbians are so smart. save antagonism. should look out for eligible girls from now.

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