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Saturday, October 07, 2006

moved on.

bye kiddos.

6:01 PM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


7:24 PM

Friday, September 01, 2006

three random less-known facts,
1. im from hong kong but i dont know how to play mahjong. (but i like dimsum!)
2. im done with grade 8 in piano but am not interested in a diploma
3. i like dark chocolate, i hate peppermint.

sometimes things seem the same, sometimes i feel like everything has changed. its warped that im envious, yet detestful of the past. i miss the naivety that was adolescence, i despise the decadence that was, and perhaps still in, growing up.

i feel so random.
i must be losing it.

12:48 AM

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

for all you unconcerned people who probably might not be very important people in my life if you dont know about this,


to sum it up:

minimalist approach this time. super few things in my room (except the family of toys hurhur). my wardrobe is freaking pathetic. i must bring more clothes here, i feel so deprived. yikes did i just say that. and i only brought TWO bags here. can you believe it. TWO. sigh. best of all, NO FOOD IN MY ROOM. yes ive changed, no more gluttony. alright theres just one bar of chocolate now but since its from the bf its not counted.

im aching all over cos of ibg basketball yday despite it was my first day being back, apparently it wasnt a valid excuse (haha) i tried to hide my sports shoes but it was to no avail. and i realised my stamina is damn bad now and im a plop of fats. (yes thank you all hallers who said my face got chubbier. that is SO cute i know)

am feeling very homesick now. or rather scv-sick, goodfood-sick, privatetoilet-sick, maid-sick. yes i hate cleaning my own room. so sue me. ok la i miss my mummy n daddy n the sister who kopes my bags n clothes once im away. and my table even. tsk i have no place in the house anymore.

the food in hall got better cos of the different caterer (thankgoodness!) and im now subjected to less peer pressure to go down for every single activity and have more time to rest n sit in front of my laptop to do crappy things like blog incoherently.

ive not gone down for supper so far. its such a huge acheivement im so proud of myself. (ok i know its just the second day, but still)

food at kent ridge campus is ten gabillion times better than btc's, though i heard arts canteen is closing!!!

if the shuttle bus timings dont get more reliable i will totally send an email or call somebody to complain. (and the damn wireless in MPA too. screwit)

and ive been seeing/hearing/receiving alot of surprised stares n "hey you're back!!" from people here, yes thankyouverymuch i AM indeed back. so everyone is welcome to give me a welcomeback gift which could be anything like food/drinks/cash. yay.

10:12 PM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

what do you do,

when you have so much to say, yet the words stop at your lips,
when you have so much to ask, yet not the courage to hear the answers,

when your heart beckons you to follow, yet the mind holds you back,
when you know you have no place in this semi-charmed world, yet struggle to stay afloat?

what should you do?

me, i took the chance, for reasons of which some i know of, some i do not.
and i think, maybe,
i should start trusting, and maybe,

you will never let me down.

4:14 AM

Saturday, August 19, 2006

MM says...

'The Singapore that we had - very orderly, very wholesome, very clean - is not good enough,'


Tourists nowadays enjoy entertainment such as the topless cabaret show Crazy Horse and the popular nightspot, Ministry of Sound.
'So we must have more of these,'

so now orderly wholesome clean, our supposedly pride in the past, just doesnt cut it no more. but will be being less decent do the job?

11:12 AM

Sunday, August 13, 2006

the past couple of days saw the finishing touches of matric week, the longest-ever-to-start bbq fire, much gay, and much love. school's starting in slightly over 24 hours. i have this much time to convince myself life aint a bitch with work (again) n school will rock my socks.

12:57 AM

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